Horse Calmers UK - Everything You Need to Know

One of the most popular types of supplements used for equines is horse calmers. It’s amazing just how many horses suffer from anxiety and stress throughout daily life. Some horses may only need the assistance of horse calmers at specific times such as particularly stressful situations however many horses suffer chronic symptoms and therefore benefit massively from being given calming supplements on a day to day basis.

Calmers are also useful for assisting with hot and excitable horses. This can often become quite dangerous for us to manage day to day. Lots of types of calmers have proven to take the edge off and some owners would consider these as an absolute lifesaver.

It is true to say that one of the most important things to consider when buying a horse calming supplement is that what may work well for one horse may not necessarily work well for another. Therefore it is vitally important to understand what ingredients are used in the formula to try and determine how successful these will likely be for your horse.

Let’s take a look in closer detail about what calmers are, how they work for horses and some things you need to consider before taking the plunge and buying calming supplements for your horse.

Does My Horse Need a Horse Calming Supplement?

Many types of horses massively benefit from horse calming supplements. It is often quite easy to see for yourself if your horse needs them as part of their diet. Many horses suffer from day to day with stress and anxiety. The big wide world can take its toll on our equine friends in many ways. Sometimes it just all gets a bit much, unfortunately.

When we talk about anxiety and stress, we don’t mean the horse that has the odd spook here and there. This type of behaviour is only to be expected from our fight or flight friends. What we are referring to are horses that severely suffer in everyday life or those that find certain situations stressful. This can be instances such as travelling in the horsebox, the excitement of a show, a change in surroundings or even firework night.

Horses, in general, can be very difficult to manage when they get themselves worked up by outside influences or unfamiliar situations. This can make life sometimes quite dangerous for us as owners in both ridden and groundwork scenarios.

Some types of horses are renowned for being particularly highly strung such as hot-blooded and young inexperienced horses. Calmers can really help to take the edge off. This allows these type of equines to be managed much easier and reduce their stress levels.


What to Look Out for in UK Calming Supplements

One of the key things we must look out for when choosing a horse calming supplement is the types of ingredients used in the formulas. This may seem a little unnecessary since they are marketed to achieve the same thing however the effectiveness of ingredients is important to determine what will work well for your horse.

There are a variety of ingredients that can be seen regularly used in horse calming supplements both manmade and natural. Some have scientifically proven to be more effective than others. For the most part, however, we always recommend supplements that contain as many natural ingredients as possible.

Some of the ingredients that you should look out for that have proven to be very effective are:

These are the main 5 that can be found most commonly in calming supplements. Many believe them to be highly effective. That being said, natural herbs are becoming more and popular these days too. Many have shown to work really well with calming stress and anxiety just like in natural human medications. Some herbs you should probably look out for are:


How Horse Calming Supplements Work?

Most horse calming supplements are fast-acting and easy to use. This makes them ideal for using directly in your horses feed day to day. They can be used daily for those equines suffering chronic symptoms however can also be given to dose up your horse before a particularly stressful situation. This could be circumstances such as moving yards, travelling in a horsebox, or whatever it is that causes your horse distress.

Calming supplements have been designed to relax your horse and help combat anxiety and stress-related symptoms. They assist your horse in becoming the very best version of themselves by relaxing their entire body, in particular, the muscles and the stomach.

They can really help your horse feel much more at ease. This can be particularly helpful for hot or highly strung horses which can be difficult to handle. Calming supplements are also known to allow your horse to become much more focussed which can be helpful in a competitive setting.

Where Can You Buy Horse Calming Supplements in the UK?

At one time, calming supplements were almost non-existent. These days, however, they are so widely available with so many different brand options it can be difficult to decide which ones to buy.

Many online sources sell a huge variety of horse calming supplements. If you shop around you can find some great prices. There is generally a budget to suit everyone. You will find that many of the more expensive brands contain exactly the same as the cheaper brands (it’s just the well-known name you are paying for).

There are many human supplement websites nowadays that have also gone down the equine supplement route. A lot of the ingredients cross over and therefore you can often find some fabulous deals at these type of outlets.

For those that like the traditional buying route, nearly every equestrian shop and superstore you come across will stock a variety of calming supplements for horses. This isn’t always the cheapest way to buy or the easiest way to compare brands. However, providing you have an equine store nearby, you can be sure they will have some sort of calming supplement available to buy.