Horse Joint Supplements UK - A Guide

Thanks for reading this blog, we know we're a supplement company and yes, we are obviously selling a product that fits this bill. But the information below is totally free and whether you decide to stick with Pilot or not, can ensure you are taking the absolute best care of your horses joints.

Providing your horse with daily joint supplements may seem a little harsh, but it is pretty normal these days for most owners to take this route.

Joint issues are common for horses, particularly if they take part in certain disciplines such as jumping.

A horse’s joints start to breakdown over time and it isn’t just older horses that suffer from this and the likes of painful arthritis, younger horses can too. It is true to say that prevention is always a much better option than cure and many horse owners choose to supplement their horses daily to delay any further deterioration occurring.

Let’s look a little more into how exactly joint supplements work to give you a better understanding of whether it may be necessary for your horse.


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Does My Horse Need a Horse Joint Supplement?

There are some obvious signs to look out for when your horse needs a joint supplement. You may have had a recommendation from your vet no doubt, but it’s always a good idea for you to be also in the know about what is happening with your horse so you can manage this yourself on a day to day basis.

Arthritis is one of the most obvious signs your horse may need a horse joint supplement. It is a painful condition that is mostly caused by inflammation of the joints and the surrounding cartilage. Since it is so painful, some horses struggle to walk properly. Movement and suppleness truly are restricted and you may not be able to get the most out of your horse. Joint supplements can help your horse become much more mobile. They also act as a pain reliever which will make life much more comfortable for your horse.

Horses in fast, heavy or competition work often require the help of joint supplements. The impact on the hard ground can be too much for their delicate joint structure. There are many horse joint supplements on the market that can help to fully cushion the joints and assist with the impact of landing by effectively shock absorbing. This is a very beneficial solution for horses in this type of work.

Some owners choose to feed joint supplements daily to try to eliminate joint issues later down the line. Some supplements of the market contain ingredients that are great for delay the breakdown of cartilage and can be very helpful in delaying this inevitable process. This is why you may hear of quite young horses taking joint supplements too.

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What to Look Out for in UK Joint Supplements

Knowing the ingredients in your horse’s joint supplements is the key to success! Many owners have no idea what is included in their horse’s supplements and the wonder why said supplements are not working. Every horse is completely different and there is, unfortunately, an element of trial and error.

Some ingredients work very well for one horse, but may not work at all for another. This can be highly frustrating, to say the least, but choosing proven, well-researched ingredients is always a great start. Some of the key ingredients you should ideally be looking out for are:

  • Glucosamine
  • MSM
  • Chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

These are most definitely the key 4 and you will notice that nearly all joint supplements for horses include one if not all four of these highly effective ingredients. We would consider these to be a very good starting point.

How do Horse Joint Supplements work?

Horse joint supplements work in a variety of ways. They all, however, have one thing in common and that is that they are improving your horse's joint function. There are many different types of ingredients used in joint supplements for horses and all of them work in a slightly different way.

Glucosamine, for example, has multiple functions. It is probably one of the best pain relievers on the market, however, it also assists with slowing down the breakdown of cartilage in the same way as Chondroitin. It is true to say the two work hand in hand.

MSM is another very popular ingredient used in horse joint supplements. It is wonderful for helping horses with arthritis and osteoporosis which can be very painful. It has pain-relieving properties and can be really helping in assisting your horse with movement and suppleness (something that is lacking in horses with arthritis). This can be a great everyday solution for your horse, particularly those that are older.

Hyaluronic Acid can be great for competition horses. It helps to lubricate the joints and avoid any friction which can be painful and wear the joint down. The joints must be fully hydrated in order to function properly and is a popular ingredient that has been praised by many.

Quantities of these ingredients are often debatable. Some believe a good combination is key however others like to feed their horses pure ingredients such as 99% Glucosamine which is said to be very effective in higher doses. This is the current best equine joint supplement.

 Where Can You Buy Horse Joint Supplements in the UK?

Horse joint supplements are so commonly used these days that you can buy them in a wide variety of establishments. There are many equestrian shops and superstores where you will see the shelves stacked with joint supplements. If you search around you can often get some pretty good deals going down the in-person route however it is fair to say you will not necessarily find these types of specialist shops on every street so it is dependent on the availability to you.

Buying online is one of the most popular ways to buy in general these days. There are many online equestrian websites and stores to choose from with a vast variety of different types of joint supplements right at your fingertips. You can also find some amazing deals online and it is much easier to compare than when standing physically in a store looking at tubs of supplements.

There are also many online websites for human medication that have started to also sell supplements for horses. The ingredients are very similar between the two so you can see why this has become another outlet. You can often find some fantastic deals buying your horse’s joint supplement via this avenue.

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