About Us

After a life spent patting ponies, riding horses and experiencing the ups and downs of the equine life, myself and a few select friends got together to set about leaving a legacy in the field we care so passionately about. 
We started with ourselves. Tired, weather beaten but loving every minute. We were hungry for more… we craved more time riding, more time spent with our horses and more achievement in the saddle. 
Several pots of tea, and a couple of years of blood sweat and tears later and Pilot was born with the focus of researching, trying and creating human supplements that would enable us to get the best from ourselves and our equine partners.
We have developed 6 products, and only 6, that we feel really make a difference to a lot of people and a lot of horses. We wanted to focus on the things that would have the biggest impact for the most people. 
So here we are, proud to be helping you on the same journey towards your goals. We think we may have just cracked the best UK horse supplement range. But we'll leave that decision up to you.

Our Team

Knowing what we wanted to achieve, we worked towards our final product range under the guidance of experts. Never losing sight of creating products which we would use.

Once we had our formulas locked in we began working towards offering more than just a supplement, but also important advice that can truly benefit you and your horse. We brought on consultant writers and ended up where we are today. 

We're always on the lookout for new people to work with, so if you have a great idea or think you could help every one of our valued customers in some way, reach out!