Pilot Equestrian Workout App

Pilot's Equestrian workout app is the best way for riders to keep fit. With an ever growing library of workouts, the Pilot Equine App is a great way for busy equestrians to never miss a workout and get in better shape than ever. 

Horse riding demands a lot from you, and equestrians can benefit hugely from keeping a good baseline of fitness. This won't just make you enjoy your time in the saddle more, but also help you manage the often hectic lifestyle faced by many riders.

What is the Pilot Equine Workout App?

The Pilot Equine App is a full experience allowing riders to track their fitness, perform workouts and keep track on their nutrition. It's simple to use and has everything you need for rider fitness.  

Every equestrian should have some element of fitness in their weekly schedule, from Yoga for Riders, simple bodyweight workouts to strength training for horse riding, the Pilot Equine Workout and fitness app has what you need. 

Here's examples the equestrian exercise plans you can find in the app: 

Core Exercise Plans for Horse Riders

    Core exercises are crucial to maintain a strong posture in the saddle. And following the Pilot Equine Apps simple core workouts allows you to build up and maintain core strength. Avoiding injury and reducing fatigue. 

    Our simple core programming is comprised of:

    • Core Home Circuits
    • Static Holds 
    • Dumbbell Workouts
    • Yoga

    Cardio for Horse Riders

      Cardiovascular exercise isn't everyones idea of fun. But by keeping on top of cardio fitness, you'll find it easier to manage your weight, feel more awake and be able to see lifestyle improvements every single day. Cardio is vital for equestrians, and our app has you covered with some simple cardio workouts. 

      Strength and Conditioning for Horse Riders

        Different riders have different needs. And often professional riders can benefit from running a full strength and conditioning program. This can meet the heavy demands of eventing and riding regularly. As well as keep your body in peak physical shape.

        Our rider strength and conditioning workouts consist of:

        • 5 x 5 Strength Programming 
        • Targeted Bi Weekly Workout Splits
        • HIIT Barbell Sessions
        • Performance Cardio
        • And more

        Yoga and Stretches for Horse Riders

          One of the more essential workouts for riders. Yoga and stretching can improve blood flow to muscles, help build core strength and ease tension and anxiety. Using yoga flows and routines of varying levels, the Pilot Equestrian App can really help to develop your comfortability in the saddle as well aid in recovery. 

          We combine both Yoga and bodyweight exercises. Our programs cover some of:

          • Vinyasa Flow
          • Bodyweight Workouts
          • Restorative / Yin Yoga

          Where Can I get the Pilot Equine App?

          • iOS
          • Android
          • Web Browser

          Our App is available on iOS and Android. Currently it's free to all customers who place an order with us for a 12 month period. Or we will be offering a paid version of the app for those looking to just workout and not take advantage of our horse and rider nutritional products. 

          How Does the Pilot Equestrian Workout App Work?

          All plans on the Pilot Equine app are available to all users on all devices after they sign up.

          Sign up is easy and takes around 3 minutes. From here you'll be able to access all workout plans and nutritional planning.