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Do you wish you were a little bit fitter and healthier? Perhaps you would like to be more flexible to improve your riding? Perhaps you’ve lost your core strength through having children on through age?

Whatever your workout and fitness goals, Pilot Supplements over rider specific support and help you reach your goals quicker.  


Getting in shape is now easier than ever, with Pilot Equines premium supplements and expert written guides. Who needs an expensive PT?!

Recover - Fully loaded meal replacement shake

  • Fat loss and weight loss program support
  • Energy health and daily vitality
  • Immunity and nutritional balance 

Our balanced and tasty chocolate shake is the ideal partner to any fitness program. If you're losing weight, then Recover has clean and tasty calories.

Which means it can itch those cravings as well as offer a satisfying and nutritious meal that promotes full recovery from exercise and riding.

Just replacing breakfast with Recover can help keep calories lower, satisfy a sweet craving and get you a big dose of key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! 

Or use it after a workout, to ensure you're body has everything it needs for a strong and full recovery! 

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Revive - Enhance daily energy levels and burn more calories

  • Energy and focus 
  • Daily calorie burn and metabolic boost
  • Appetite suppression 

Revive is a product comprised of key amino acids and helps maintain energy levels, especially useful for those on a diet.

Revive is the perfect partner to any rider who's looking to get fit and lose weight. As well as a useful tool for those long cold mornings in the yard.

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Protect - Keep on track with workouts and riding

  • Protect and maintain joints
  • Improve flexibility
  • Aid mobility and comfort during exercise

Protect contains ingredients that help restore and maintain muscle tissue and joints. If you're currently pounding the pavements or treadmill, then protecting your joints should be top of your list.

Protect makes it easier than ever and gives you full 360 protection. 

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What they're saying...

Ellie B, Holmfirth

"Recover has been a dream for me. Mostly because it's so chocolatey! But also because it's helped me with keeping off that lockdown weight. I feel energised and satisfied through the morning and my yoga sessions/runs too"

Shireen T, Lincoln

"I have more energy and feel GREAT from revive. i take it every morning shortly after breakfast and sail through until lunch with no problem. you dont feel jitters or anything like coffee which is perfect for me. just more energy and focus than im used to!"

Becky CS, York

"Thank you Pilot! One happy horse and very happy rider with these products. On second order now and freedom has been amazing and the rider supplements are things i didnt know i needed!"

Simple Horse Rider Workouts and Nutritional Guidance

Horses take time and effort, so you we don't waste any more of it by teaching you how to perfect isometric biceps curls or be bogged down in macronutrients, in complex meal plans. You don’t have time to be a nutrition expert and gym buff, you just need is simple to understand and actionable workouts and nutritional guidance.

And that's what we cover with Pilot Equine's supplements designed to make every day more comfortable when you're out riding. Order any Pilot Supplement and Get Access to our free equestrian fitness guides. Helping you and your horse be out riding for longer.

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Equestrian Rider Fitness Explained

When you ride you engage your back, hips pelvis and two legs (obviously). Working full body can help you build leg power, back power and pelvis power! Getting you out to ride more, and ride better.

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Why Do you Need a Strong Core?

Core exercises should make up a key part of any plan you have when you're doing rider fitness exercises. Core muscles can get the best out of your rides by improving stability and building up key muscles. This in turn will improve with balance whilst your on the horse, and of course can help reduce weight. Stability is key, and the secret to a stronger core? Is nutrition as well as running some exercises twice per week that focus on balance. Simple Core Exercise Routine for Balance :

Crunches - 30 secs
Plank - 30 secs Burpees (Sorry!) - 45 Secs
Boast Pose - 15 Secs
Dead Bug - 30 Secs Repeat 3 times!

Stretches and Recovery

It's important to perform stretches as a rider, this can either be done as Yoga or just good old fashioned pre and post ride warm ups and cool downs. Your back muscles will especially benefit here, as these muscles hold a lot of weight when you are in the saddle.

We've included some stretches that target your back muscles, right through to your your hips legs and shoulders in our guides.

Which help in keeping you free from injury. Using yoga poses can alleviate tension in the shoulders and back, even helping releasing tension around the pelvis.

Stretches for injury prevention:
Cat/Cow - 10 repetitions
Downward facing dog - 20 seconds
Thread the needle - 15 Seconds Each Side
High Plank - 10 Seconds
Swan Pose - 45 Seconds
Hindu Squat - 30 Seconds

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The Importance of Cardio Exercises for Horse Riders

The Importance of Cardio Exercises for Horse Riders Horse riding can be demanding, so including cardio can cause the body to work at a higher capacity and keep you feeling healthier, more focused and balance out with strength and endurance.

You don't need to be a marathon runner, but regular cardio exercise (even twice per week!) can improve your rider fitness. We cover more on cardio in our guides or in our rider fitness blog here.

Cardio program for riders, leave time for rest:

Day 1 - 45 Minute brisk walking
Day 2 - 5k Run
Day 3 - 15k Cycle

Strength for Riders

Building strength is another area that is overlooked by equestrians, stronger muscles can help keep riders fit and riding for longer. This will also allow for you to look great.

Strength training can be performed in a gym, or just simply by doing a few sets of squats at home. As long as you are activating key muscles and keeping them working three times per week or upwards.

Try your best with this, if you need to do push ups on your knees to improve balance, that's fine. Also, if you can only manage two, that's ok. You'll get better.

A good full body exercise plan you can run at home to get you out on a ride is:

Push ups (on knees if needed) x 15
Reverse Lunges x 20
Push Up Shoulder Tap x 10
Squat Jump x 20
Bulgarian Split Squat x 10 (5 Each leg)

V Sit Crunches x 10 (Lay on your back and bring up two legs up to meet your arms)
Chair Dips x 15 (Sit with both legs off a chair and your arms behind your hips. Lower your bum to the floor and lift up again with your arms behind you. Each leg should be out in front. )

Repeat this workout a minimum of 3 times and increase reps for more of a challenge.

Pilot Nutrition Guide

Overall Exercise Guidance to be Horse Riding Fit

Stick to your plan

Try and start an exercise plan and stick to it. Remember you ideally want to be engaging muscle groups two times per week to get best results. And then including one cardio workout on top of this.

Do what you enjoy! Just sweat

In terms of the type of exercise, try and keep your sessions varied and hitting the full body. Riders need to maintain or build muscle, this will help you spend more time on your horse and in saddle. Keep things consistent, we can't stress how important this is for success.

Find Time, It's there, somewhere!

Find 45 mins and a quiet room or stable to exercise in. Remember, building up strength like this will mean you spend more time on your horse. With better balance and in turn, longer times riding.

Nutrition for Equestrian Fitness

Your weight and your amount of muscle plays a big part in your success whilst out on your horse. And training forms just one part of this, nutrition is key too. By eating healthier, greener and including more clean protein and less processed junk, you'll not just start to look better, but feel fitter and healthier too.

Pilots Rider Nutrition Shake - Recover

Recover Contains a balanced blend of crucial vitamins and minerals. As well as protein to build muscular development and overall equestrian health and wellbeing. Easy to use and can be had as a quick breakfast on the go!

Rider Supplements

Improve your daily health and wellbeing with natural supplements from Pilot.

Our premium range of effective horse rider supplements can give you an edge in every area of your life. From the long days at work, right through to the those long weekends out eventing. 

You can be completely confident that Pilot Supplements will work for you. We don't take chances with risky ingredients, instead focusing our product range on effective, natural and safe formulations. Perfect for every Equestrian. 

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