Horse Rider Fitness by Pilot Equine

Do you wish you were a little bit fitter and healthier in general? Perhaps you would like to be more flexible to improve your riding? Perhaps you’ve lost your core strength through having children on through age?

At Pilot, we want the rider to value their health as an athlete as much as they value the health of their horse. We don't just help you by selling you our incredible supplements - we offer you our full support through our Equestrian Workout and Nutrition App.

Simple Horse Rider Workouts and Nutritional Guidance

Horses take time and effort, so you we don't waste any more of it by teaching you how to perfect isometric biceps curls or get bogged down in macronutrients, in complex meal plans.

You don’t have time to be a nutrition expert and gym buff, you just need is simple to understand and actionable workouts and nutritional guidance. And that's what we cover with Pilot Equine's Rider Fitness.

Making Equine Fitness Easier than Ever

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What goes into Pilot Equine's Rider Exercise Plans?

If you're looking for an easy “at home” approach to rider fitness, then the Pilot App has you covered. Our simple at home workouts and guidance make it easier than ever to get workouts tailored specifically for busy equestrians like you.

Want more than just a home workout? The Pilot Equine App is flexible enough to grow with you. If you’re a once a week runner or a total gym bunny, we have rider workouts to suit.

We also cover yoga, stretching and nutrition! Even if you're looking at Pilates for Dressage riders, we'd love to hear from you!

Why Use Pilot Nutrition Plans for Equestrians?

Planning your diet just got a whole lot simpler with our Nutritional Plans for riders.

Our simple guides cover the basics that include weight loss, health and wellbeing and muscle and strength.

We have some diets you can follow, or just use our rider fitness app to build up your diet and track calories and plan healthy meals. 

Pilot Nutrition Guide

Become a Better Pilot with The Pilot Equine App

Access Horse Rider Workouts on Demand

The Pilot Equine App features a vast library of equestrian fitness plans. Covering essential horse rider exercises, to more advanced exercises and workouts, our app is the last word in horse rider fitness.

No more choosing between an hour at the gym or an hour in the saddle, our equestrian workout app makes fitness work around you and your equestrian lifestyle.

Develop Your Own Nutrition, or Use Our Plans to Meet Your Goals

Filled with the nutritional breakdown of millions of ingredients, you can easily track what you eat. This gives you the power to make adjustments to your goals.

Alternatively Pilot will offer basic nutritional plans for riders that will cover fat loss, strength and health and wellbeing.

Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Our app is available on android and ios, as well as desktop. You can take it anywhere and workout at any time. 

Horses, family and work take up a lot of time. The Pilot Equine app makes it easier to slip fitness into your day than ever before.

Rider Supplements

Rider Supplements

Improve your daily health and wellbeing with natural supplements from Pilot.

Our premium range of effective horse rider supplements can give you an edge in every area of your life. From the long days at work, right through to the those long weekends out eventing. 

You can be completely confident that Pilot Supplements will work for you. We don't take chances with risky ingredients, instead focusing our product range on effective, natural and safe formulations. Perfect for every Equestrian. 

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