Pilot Equine Affiliate Program

The Pilot Equine affiliate program offers the chance for equestrian athletes, influencers and anyone who believes in our products as much as we do to promote effective, trustworthy and forward-thinking horse and rider supplements and products to their audiences. The Pilot Equine affiliate program is one of the best equestrian affiliate programs for prompt payments and good ROIs.

Pilot Equine offer a highly competitive commission rate and 90 day cookie duration, meaning you'll get rewarded for all your hard work.

Coupled with financial renumeration, the Pilot Equine team will work with affiliates on the development and promotion of any further Pilot products to ensure we are listening to the very people we are aiming ti serve.  

How Do I Sign Up? 

Our program is a closed program, meaning that we only work with selected affiliates so we can maintain a high standard in all content and posts promoting our products.  

If you are interested in signing up just send an email with your name, social media handles, website URL and anything else you think relevant to info@pilotequine.co.uk.