Pilot Equine Supplements Reviews and Testimonials

We're proud to be involved in the British Equestrian industry. And even prouder that we are able to provide our horse supplements to everyone up and down the UK. 

Here's a few of our customer testimonials and horse supplement reviews...

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Karen F. - Altrincham

karen f horse joint supplement review

When looking for a supplement to help your horses joints, I highly recommend Freedom by Pilot Equine. We have been using this supplement since February and noticed a difference after 3-4 weeks.

Freedom is truly the perfect name for this product. This excellent supplement has given our mare, Water Lily, back the movement she enjoyed before she developed arthritis. The improvement in her movement has allowed us to return to full-time work and has massively improved her quality of life.

Furthermore, she is a notoriously fussy eater and has refused many supplements in the past. With Freedom, we didn't have any issues; she loved every bite of her feed and continues to enjoy them without any problems.

I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

Laura T. - York 

Laura Thompson Freedom Horse Joint Supplement Review

Freedom has made a huge difference to my boy. I never thought I'd jump him again. This was him the other day. Having not jumped since December. 

Now on my third order and will be using again! 

Amanda H. - Kendal

Amanda Pilot Equine Freedom Review

My three ponies Bride (pibald) Rose (skewbald) and Toffee (little bay pony) all suffer from joint issues. I have my own place in Lancashire but they all got a little overweight. I had an opportunity to move to Cumbria and we have been here for 18 months.

They have wintered out on the fell and have lost weight and become much fitter as it is very hilly here; and the grass is much more suitable. I am finding that the Pilot freedom is really helping and the best of the supplements I have tried.

We are moving back to Lancashire in September and I am trying to get all three in regular training to help us keep fit once home. They are doing very well so far. Thank you Pilot.

 David Pritchard - Exmoor


Jockey David Pritchard gives us the reasons he uses Pilot Recover when keeping healthy and in shape to race.

Becky CS - Lincolnshire


Becky talks us through why she rates Pilot Freedom as her #1 Equine Joint supplement for her horse who races in Point to Point.